Award winning ​​Native American flutes handmade by Tribal Artist, Charles Littleleaf

​​​​​​​​​​​​​Tribal Member of the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Indian Reservation Central Oregon, USA

Native American Soft Flute Wax, Wood Polishing Kit

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​Aside from featuring Native American flutes for sale, we are happy to present extra thick, high quality Native American flute bags, handmade in designer cottons and fleece for your instruments. These flute bags are 3 times thicker than standard bags, lined for extra protection. In addition, each bag is hemmed in length according to your preference.

For the past several years, we have been offering superior quality, protective Native American flute bags and cases, serving a great number of folks around the world. Our bags and cases for the Native American flute, Shakuhachi and woodwinds are beautifully handcrafted by Vicky Littleleaf and are guaranteed to last you and your precious instruments many protective years. It means a great deal to us to know from those who have experienced her work, that these flute bags and cases nicely fit their lifestyle. This appreciation keeps Vicky striving to be the best she can be as a seamstress and to consistently serve our customers by offering her beautiful Native American flute bags and cases for all to enjoy. 

​Spending much of her time shopping for highest quality cotton, fleece, leather hides, faux furs and the most sought after Pendleton Wool prints for her flute bags and cases, Vicky is always looking for the best selections available so that each one she makes will be extremely durable as well as visually appealing. In addition, she uses deer, elk or buffalo leather laces or cording for attractive drawstring or fold-over style closures. In addition, Vicky also leaves the hems open on most of these flute bags to allow our customers the option in choosing their desired lengths - a system that has been working out nicely for a custom fit. 

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Native American Flute Bags

​​​​​​​​Littleleaf ​Native American Flutes

Sunburst Native American Flute Polishing Wax

Rejuvenate your Native American flutes and wood items to a like-new appearance with our Sunburst Native American Flute and Wood Polishing Paste. Not as hard as a flute wax, Sunburst is easy to apply, adding shine and luster to your instrument. 100% natural in a variety of scents. Also Fragrance-Free!