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Littleleaf ​Native American Flutes
Musician quality Native American flutes handmade by tribal artist, Charles Littleleaf

A few years ago, I was 4-wheeling on the back roads of my reservation, looking for animals to photograph. There are 1000 square miles of Indian land here on the Warm Springs Reservation, most of which is off access to the general public. I find a great sense of peace from the fast-paced rest of the world. As I look around at the mountains, rivers, and trees, I always feel thankful for being able to be here among Mother Earth and her gifts she graciously shares with us.

My tribe has logged for many years and lumber had been one of our greatest natural resources. I was very happy when the bottom fell out of the logging industry nationwide as this was a blessing for our elk, deer, bear and the beautiful trees.

I've been saddened by some of the practices of the loggers, one of which was to single out this rare Warm Springs Cedar. Loggers would cut it down and put them in stacks only to rot over time, planting fir and pine in it's place.

This cedar is not long for the world in the way things are going. The logging industry feels this particular cedar is not saleable, as the tree has a natural hole in the center of its trunk. I have taken some of this wood home to honor Enchanted Cedar, with the plan to dedicate my time creating beauties derived from these trees that grow majestically in the remote forest at the base of Mt. Jefferson, Oregon.

The flute voice from this tree is breathtaking, unlike anything other wood I've experienced during my 20+ year career. I can say with all certainty that there is no other wood in the world that will be able to achieve the sound quality of Enchanted Cedar. It is a magical wood, and one I use for flutes and specifically for special  projects that are unique and sacred, by request.

I have also voiced my deep concern to our Tribal Council regarding this endangered tree.

​Enchanted Cedar offers an incredible voice that must live on through music. 


* Enchanted Cedar Native American flutes are available upon request. Please contact me for availability & pricing.

Rare Enchanted Cedar