However, what I did discover along my own personal journey is that a beginning flute player does not need to know conventional music when learning to play these instruments. I think of the Native American flute as a 'tool' - a tool for self expression. Once I learned how to leave my mind out of the learning process, is when everything came full circle for me in my ability to relax and play.

Perhaps from my perspective, I can inspire those who long to play the flute. to take the first step. The sky is the limit on playing these instruments from a natural source, such as from one's own spirit. Simply allowing your breath to flow through the flute will open all doors to play successfully. You will soon find that these instruments are like your children. And each flute will be different to you, offering their own unique sounds - a beautiful experience produced by your own breath.

So please don't allow reluctance to stand in your way if your spirit is speaking to you with a desire to learn how to play the Native American flute. It can be a life changing experience, just as it has been for me.

I recommend Pacific Northwest Cedar as a Native American flute for beginners. I offer these starter flutes here. They are made to order, and are shipped quickly. If you prefer a higher pitched instrument, please see my necklace style Trail Flutes here.


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This is to all who admire the Native American flute and long to play one, but question their own abilities because they feel they wouldn’t be successful at making music.

Please allow me to say that you should never be afraid to try your hand at the Native American flute if the sounds speak to your spirit. Native flutes are some of the easiest musical instruments in the world to play. This is because there are no set rules to follow. For the many of us who do not know music well, if at all, you simply go by 'feel' and inspiration during your learning process. This is where some of the most beautiful heartfelt music is born.

​I, personally, do not read or write music in the conventional sense. In fact, I remember long ago that I was quite intimidated by trying out the native flute and thought books and videos were my only option, only to find that the latter ended up confusing me and throwing me out of balance during my learning process. This is because I did not have a musical bone in my body, and I still don't. The books and videos simply did not help me. 

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